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Why X-Dent

We are professionals with many years of international experience. We have been repairing PDR technology overlays since 2002, and during this time we have repaired a number of cars around the world, whether in Europe, America or Australia.

years of experience
98576 +
vehicles repaired
1200 +


The price calculation always depends on the extent of the damage and the number of overhangs on a specific part or the entire body. Without prior inspection, it is difficult to determine the price of the repair in advance, especially in the case of more extensive damage.

However, for better orientation, we have prepared illustrative examples of repairs and their indicative price. Each image has the price of that fix, so you can create a preliminary price image.

Steps after hail or vandalism

Report the event to your insurance company

(in case you have accident insurance)


What to prepare:

– technical certificate
– claim number from the insurance company

Date of inspection

Together we will set up the date of the inspection and the repair of the vehicle

Is your car damaged by hail or vandalism?

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